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Allegheny Surveys has performed ground control surveys to aid photogrammetrists in the preparation of topographic mapping. Since 1995, the firm has performed dozens of photogrammetric surveys using static GPS observations of target panels and photo-ID points. Our projects have been performed all over the state of West Virginia and beyond.

In 1996,
Marshall Robinson, the firm's president , personally surveyed 117 panel points over 17,000 acres of land in western Indiana using single-frequency kinematic GPS. The mapping was performed to accomodate a subsidence control plan prepared for Wabash Coal Company. Other projects have ranged from western Maryland to eastern Kentucky, and involve hundreds of panel and photo-ID points. In 1998, Marshall Robinson supervised and performed a massive photo control and mine control project for Pen Coal Company that covered five counties in eastern Kentucky. In 2005, Stacey Brown, the firm's GPS Survey Manager, observed seventy high- and low-altitude panel and photo-ID points for a large mapping project that spanned the Ohio River, partially in West Virginia and partially in Ohio. Three other senior party chiefs, all licensed Professional Surveyors, have extensive experience in the performance of photogrammetric surveys throughout the state.