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Trimble S6 2 DR Plus Total Robotic Total Station
Trimble R8 GNSS Base and Rover RTK GPS System(Six)
Trimble R8 GNSS/VRS Base and Rover RTK GPS System
Trimble 4000 SSI Static Dual Frequency GPS Receiver (four)
Trimble 6000 GeoXH Handheld GNSS Unit with External Tornado Antenna (ten)
Trimble GeoXH mapping grade GPS Receiver (two)
Trimble ProXT mapping grade GPS Receiver with Nomad Data Collector (three)
Nikon Nivo 2M Total Stations (eight)
Nikon Nivo 5M Total Stations (two)
Leica 403 Total Station (two)
Leica 305 Total Station
Topcon GTS and 223 Total Stations
Topcon GPT 2005 Total Station
Nomad Data Collectors with Survey Pro (seven)
Leica C10 Scan Station
Leica P20 Scan Station 
Metro Tech 850 Pipeline Locator
Metro Tech 810 DX Pipeline Locator
DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV 



AutoCAD Map 3D
Carlson Survey
CloudWorx for AutoCAD
GeoJot+ 2.4.11
Trimble Business Center
Trimble Geomatics Office
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office
Terra Sync Survey Pro
Trimble Access
Trimble Survey Controller
ESRI ArcGIS 10.4
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat Professional XI
Leica Cyclone 9.1.1
3D Reshaper