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Since 1988  Allegheny Surveys has performed rural boundary surveys throughout the state. Our focus was initially in the central part of the state, in Clay, Webster, Nicholas and surrounding counties. As our personnel and client base grew, so did the range of our boundary efforts.

  Allegheny Surveys has arguably retraced, monumented, marked and painted more miles of boundary than any other firm in the state. Our clients include many of the largest landowners in the state, including Pardee and Curtin Realty (formerly Pardee and Curtin Lumber Co.), Coastal Lumber Company, The Jim C. Hamer Company, The Forestland Group, Southern Land Company and Dickinson Properties, and Columbia Forest Products. We have, in the past ten years, performed and completed a 27,000 acre boundary survey in Nicholas and Webster Counties, several surveys between 2,000 and 4,000 acres in Kanawha, Clay, Braxton, Webster, Raleigh and Fayette Counties, most of the boundaries of 12,000 acre survey (for Fola Coal Company), and we have surveyed over 70% of the exterior and interior boundaries of a 69,000 acre tract owned by Paul B. Barringer, II (who also owns Coastal Lumber Company) in Clay and Nicholas Counties. We are currently in the process of surveying a 45,000 acre tract of land in Kanawha and Fayette Counties, an 11,000 acre tract in Webster County, and a 2,000 acre tract in Putnam County.

In addition to our performance of large boundary surveys for corporate clients, we maintain a strong presence in the private arena, performing numerous rural boundary surveys throughout a given year for private landowners. Normally the firm has between ten and twenty private rural boundary surveys under contract at any given time. In spite of its strong presence in the corporate arena, over 10% of its total revenue in the past two years has come from private landowners.

Over the years, the firm has been called on to prepare surveys and provide testimony relevant to boundary litigation. The president of the firm,
Marshall W. Robinson , has provided expert witness testimony in dozens of cases throughout the central and southern parts of the state, and has given several seminars on boundary related issues. He has worked closely with numerous lawyers in the small communities of the state on delicate private boundary and right-of-way issues. As many of his senior party chiefs have attained licensure as Professional Surveyors, they have also begun, in the past few years, to interact closely with lawyers and clients in resolving or litigating difficult boundary issues.