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While there are a variety of land surveys available, an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey provides a standard base recognized by all parties, including the owner, attorney, developer, engineer, lender and title insurance company. Furthermore, with the Nationally recognized standard format for ALTA/NSPS Surveys, the survey can also be used for design, as-built and construction loans.

Allegheny Surveys can provide the high level of investigation and detail that an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey requires. The firm’s personnel are proficient in records research and investigation, recovery of evidence, efficient utility location techniques and feature location necessary in the performance of these surveys.

Do you need an ALTA/NSPS survey? Check out the link below.

Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA NSPS Land Title Surveys A 2016

Our president, Marshall W. Robinson, served on a task committee of NSPS, a member organization of ACSM, in updating the survey requirements of the ALTA-ACSM standards in 1999.