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Since March of 2011, Allegheny Surveys has been providing ground-based High Definition Surveying (HDS) services to its clients. Using  Leica Laser Scanners with Cyclone Software, a highly accurate scan can be made of a large project site in a fraction of the time that it would take field crews to survey it conventionally. Scans can be done in a single day and a detailed topographic map produced quickly and efficiently by exporting the information into AutoCAD.

Since utilizing HDS technology, Allegheny Surveys has produced mapping for its clients of pond certifications, gas well pads, compressor stations, coal stockpiles, roads, highwalls, construction sites and underground mines.

There are three basic advantages to using HDS:

1. Safety : HDS can scan large areas from a single position without having to place field personnel in harm's way.

2. Speed : With just a few set-ups, large areas can be scanned in just a few hours. Additionally, having millions of points scanned at the site reduces the amount of drafting time.

3. Accuracy : Millions of points scanned by HDS produce a much denser "data-intensive" map than what could be located by a field crew taking one location shot at a time.